Argus Hamilton Interview

Argus Hamilton

Argus Hamilton is one of the funniest and most topical comics working
today and he’s been called the Will Rogers of the baby boom. A proud son of
Oklahoma living in Los Angeles, Argus’ daily column of jokes on the news now
carried in over 100 newspapers across the United States is also read and
heard by millions on the internet and on radio stations across the country.
Always brilliantly funny and consistantly armed with with material on the
politics and events of the day and a great guy to boot I got to interview Argus
at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles on my trip there and among other things
he talked about his playing at the Store in it’s glory days and witnessing
everything from Pryor to Carlin to Kinison along with being a major player
in the comedy scene himself. He also talked about the history of the
Comedy Store and the ghosts that haunt it! Here’s my interview with my friend
Argus Hamilton.

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Argus Hamilton

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