Bobby Slayton Interview

Bobby Slayton

Bobby Slayton a.k.a. Yid Vicious a.k.a. the Pitbull of comedy has been
performing his own brand of intense high energy comedy since the late 70s and
is one of the best known and most respected comics working today. He’s
appeared in the movies “Get Shorty”, “Ed Wood”, the TV movie “The Rat Pack”
where he played Joey Bishop, “The Tonight Show”, “Maron” and he’s lent his
easily recognizable voice to the animated shows “Family Guy” and “Dr. Katz”.
The NY Daily News called Bobby “armed and dangerous” and his uncompromising
and no holds barred style of stand up comedy has made him a legend among
both comics and audiences alike. Al and I got to talk to Bobby during a visit
to San Francisco where he was performing at the Punch Line and he got to
the nitty gritty about the state of comedy today which isn’t too pretty, but
Bobby has never been one to beat around the bush and here he is telling it
like it is.

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Bobby Slayton

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