Jimmy Brogan Interview

Jimmy Brogan

Jimmy Brogan is one of the best comics working today and for my money is easily the very best at working directly with the audience. The Los Angeles Times, for one calls him “an absolute master at working with the crowd” and says he’s “elevated crowd interaction to a high art”. Starting stand up in New York City 1975 where within a year and a half he became a regular performer at the Improv and the Comic Strip, he eventually made it out to Hollywood where he appeared on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson numerous and did audience warm ups for the TV shows “Taxi”, “Cheers”, “Newhart”, “Seinfeld” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” where he became a writer and talent booker as well. I met Jimmy for an interview at his favorite L.A. eatery where he discussed his beginnings in comedy and his adventures in show business. For a guy who says he has no act he sure is one if the funniest people I’ve ever seen and definitely one of the nicest. Here’s my conversation with Jimmy Brogan

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Jimmy Brogan

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