Julie McCullough Interview

Julie McCullough

Julie McCullough a.k.a. the Funny Bunny is a very funny comedian, talented actress, Playboy playmate of the year and has twice graced the cover of the magazine that Hef built. She appeared in a recurring role in the hit sitcom “Growing Pains” until a fellow actor on the show who objected to her posing for Playboy had her removed from the cast. NOT COOL, MAN! I met Julie at a Starbucks in Studio City for an interview where among the sounds of people talking and walking by, neighborhood traffic and a damn idling bus parked outside that wouldn’t leave she told me of her misadventure with the fellow actor, her career as a Playboy playmate, her adventures in stand up comedy and many other things. Here’s my interview with the funny, lovely and always charming Julie McCullough.

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Julie McCullough

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